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“Thank you all!  I really appreciate the comments.  Perhaps after a big break, I’ll come back.  I just need to take a long break and have a chance to dig in deeper with some other projects.  I love VoV!!  and it’s people!!  I also really have loved the opportunity to explore music more fully around the globe.  It’s been an eye opener.
Take care and we shall see each other’s eyes in the aisles at Tway!”

Arlette Moody upon temporarily retiring her KVSH show after 200 episodes!

“Tara, you’re so awesome. You have no idea how deep this went for us. We really appreciate how special you made Adriana’s graduation for us!! Thank you so much!!”
Proud VHS parent

“That Boogie Back To Texas episode about Gurf Morlix was a f***** awesome show.”
Tom Fritz in Fort Myers, Florida

I want to thank you all for supporting the Screaming last night. On the dot of 7, I was outside howling, yowling and releasing with all my might for about 2-3 minutes. It sure helped hearing you all as I yelped. I was definitely energized by participating in the first Vashon Screaming Saturday.
Please do more!
Many thanks and blessings,
Nan Draper
Vashon Island, WA

“You are certainly providing the island a vital service. Glad to contribute.
Skip and Brownie Carver
Vashon Island, WA

“Truman, On behalf of the over 10,000 members of the Coast Guard Channel Community, thanks for bringing Capt Joe on your Tuesday show.

I know we have many Coast Guard Veterans  around the country tuning in on-line to listen to our Captain. I just wish he was on longer on most shows!
Warm Regards,
Fred Nichols
Hermosa Beach, CA
USCG 1967-1971

“I read an article on hippy cultures in the U.S. and you were in it. The island actually but thats how I found your station.  Outstanding format! I really love it. It fits my humble nort woods existence perfect. Yup a YoooHoooper!  Never been out that way, many dreams of.  Thankyou for giving me a taste of the west.”

~ D Berndt, Minnesota

“I had DJ Boss (guest host on Back In The Stacks) echoing off the buildings in downtown Minneapolis while out riding around.” ~ Michael Bishop

“The thing I love most about your station is that I get to hear music that is played nowhere else – where else can I hear a Les Paul song! Reception is a little spotty so the app was a great idea.
Keep up the great work!”
~ Chris Moser

“We send out a special GIANT thank you to Voice of Vashon – never has an organization been so aptly named. KVSH was broadcast all day and so many amazing Vashon organizations got to go in and share what they do. Thank you, VoV!”
~ Open Space For Arts and Community

“My husband and I are saving to move to your island. We discovered it thru VoV — long story, the programming is so excellent that it’s like it hailed us from the other coast.”
~ Michelle/Boston

“You have a great radio station and I listen to it regularly online, from my Chicago location. Keep on doing such a good job with your radio station. It brings a bit of the Northwest into my life!”
~ Kindest regards, Dirk

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