Morning Scramble

May 8th, 2014 - Posted in Blog

As Vashonians scramble to start their work days, KVSH-FM 101.9 is broadcasting “Morning Scramble” live weekdays.
Mondays through Fridays, 8 to 11AM, a different host or host team each day will regale listeners with locally originated or connected music, ferry and traffic updates, Island weather and various takes on Island life from ‘meet your neighbors,’ to what’s up with the arts, topical issues effecting Islanders and opportunities to call in with YOUR thoughts and opinions on the topics du jour.

Check out the Morning Scramble show hosts below the archive list.


Meet Your Morning Scramble Hosts

Gregg Curry and Jan Lofland will focus heavily on music with one week dedicated to a particular year or artist, another week may deal with a single theme. They will also interview various Island musicians, artists, and other folks about how the music, art, literature, or whatever else is on that day’s programming agenda has touched their lives and what it has meant to them over the years.

Truman O'Brien   melodiewoods1
Truman O’Brien
, former jet pilot and teen deejay, spins tunes from his collection of vinyl hits with co-host Melodie Woods who was commuting between Los Angeles and Vancouver, heard about Vashon Island, drove over to have a look and knew she was home.

Guest hosts Craig Beles and  Luke McQuillin join  Susan McCabe, VoV’s Station Manager, as they play the blues and mix it up with their comic views on Island life. Their show will be peppered with movie reviews from Hollywood, garden reports, news updates, non-profit organization profiles and more.

Jeff Hoyt, former deejay and current professional voiceover actor, will team up with his wife, Cindy Hoyt, writer and one of the funniest women on the planet, to play some of the Island’s best music, interview Island artists and fill the airwaves with laughs.

Michael Whitmore and Dianne Krouse share the host spot, having fun and playing all sorts of wild and crazy tunes, many from Michael’s huge collection of vintage vinyl.

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