VoV Thanks Vashon for Studio

March 3rd, 2016 - Posted in Blog

Jeff Hoyt & Susan McCabe broadcasting live from VoV's Storefront Studio

Jeff Hoyt & Susan McCabe broadcasting live from VoV’s Storefront Studio

For more than a decade, it’s been number one with a bullet on Voice of Vashon’s Wouldn’t-It-Be-Nice-But-Let’s-Not-Hold-Our-Breath Wish List:

What if we could broadcast from a studio that looks out onto the heart of Vashon Town? It would be a place where we could truly fulfill our mission as a virtual town square for the community.

“Yeah, right,” we thought. “When pigs fly.”

Then last June, only months after first going live with KVSH-FM from our Sunrise Ridge studio, Kelly Macomber Straight and Zabette Macomber asked if we’d be interested in broadcasting from the space between Zombiez and the Creamery. We said yes in less time than it took to read this sentence.

We used the summer to craft a plan and determine whether the idea would even have a pulse among Voice of Vashon’s (VoV) many generous donors. After all, it had been less than a year since we’d gone to the community for help to fund the tower-raising that launched KVSH in the first place.

The response was not only enthusiastic, it was downright electric. By the time we committed to signing a lease, more than 80 percent of the needed funding had already been secured.

We lined the new studio space with multiple layers of acoustic sheet rock and added double-paned, noise-dampening windows. An orchestra of VoV volunteers built sound absorbers, diffusers and a custom-made broadcast desk. Studio gear was installed, much of it funded through a grant from King County 4Culture. 

After four months of daily work, KVSH went on the air from the new space. Last month’s First Friday open house and ribbon-cutting could not have been more gratifying. So many of our island neighbors dropped by for the party, making it a pinch-me moment for all of us.

VoV’s weekday Morning Scramble is now broadcasting from the Storefront Studio, preceded by “The Janitor Show,” “Bluesday Morning” and “Perlman’s World” in the earlier morning hours. A veritable blizzard of new talent will hit the air with live shows in the coming weeks. On weekday afternoons alone, you’ll hear (and see): “Back in the Stacks” with DJ Rik, “Voltaire’s Vault” with Prince Voltaire, “The Rolling Waves” with Kat Eggelston and John Dally, “EnJoy the Show” with Kevin Joyce and Martha Enson, “The BROADcast” with Jennifer Sutherland and Tami Brockway-Joyce, “Vintage J&B” with Jeanne Dougherty and Bill Wood, “Broadway Baby” with Pam Schubert and Carolin Turner, “Barstool Mountain” with Elizabeth Shepherd and Tom Hughes, “Island Eclectic” with John Jeffcoat, “Jazz Kaleidoscope” with John Midgley, “The Mostly True Radio Show” with Chris Austin and Anneli Fogt, “The Skinny LIVE” with Allison Shirk and Pete Welch, “The Moody Hour” with Arlette Moody, “Prose, Poetry & Purpose” with March Twisdale and “Strange Cargo” with Michael Whitmore.

When the sun passes over the yardarm, check out “Thursday Evening” with Drew and Mark, “Boogie Back to Texas” with Geoff Fletcher, “The Mixup” with Giacomo Kuzma and Elijah Nichelson, “Highest Decibels” with Sam Plauche and “First Friday on the Highway” with Luke McQuillin and Jon Whalen.

Some shows will be weekly, some bi-weekly, others monthly. All will be eased onto the air under the loving tutelage of experienced VoV producers. If you can’t catch the original live broadcast, we’ll replay many of the new shows on the weekend and archive them for streaming from the VoV website.

Like the studio itself — which still looks a bit like a workshop while we whittle away at the remaining punch list — we’ll build these new programs on the fly. We’ll make our share of mistakes early on, but hey, we’re creating radio for our friends and neighbors. It’s hard to find a more supportive audience than that. We’re encouraging our new radio hosts to embrace the early, bumpy ride and have fun with it.

We ask the same of you, dear listener. VoV vows to make radio in the new Storefront Studio the way it’s supposed to be made: Personal. Local. And characteristically weird. 

Tune us in at 101.9 FM. Stream us at voiceofvashon.org or through your free KVSH web app. Consider going to the website to become a sustaining member to help keep it all going. Our plan is to continue to earn your support.

And please, wave as you drive by or walk past the window. We love seeing you out there. Just beware of flying pigs.


— Jeff Hoyt is a voice actor and volunteer program director for KVSH-FM.


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