Aah Zombies!

Halloween Night
October 31 at 6PM
Vashon Theatre

This year on Halloween night, Voice of Vashon hosts a Zombie comedy classic film at the Vashon Theatre.  “Aaah! Zombies!” turns four undead teens loose after they unwittingly consume a failed military experiment aimed at turning ordinary soldiers into invincible forces.  Instead the drug’s ugly side effect is that it turns those who take it into zombies.  Worse yet, the zombies don’t know they’ve been turned into drooling flesh-hungry beasts.  So the four bowling alley denizens, Timmy, Cindy, Mike and Vanessa are quite puzzled as others flee in terror at the sight of them. It’s a comedy. It’s a gooey love story…really gooey.  It will make you laugh in spite of your good taste.

The movie turns the zombie genre on its head telling its tale from the perspective of the brain-munching zombies themselves.  Created by brothers Matthew and Sean Kohnen, the film has become a favorite among zombie movie fans as a metaphor for adolescence.  

This Halloween night, “Aaah! Zombies!” will screen at 6pm just as trick-or-treating shuts down on Vashon Highway.  Film director Matt Kohnen will judge the zombie costume contest in search of the “weirdest Zombies” who’ll win fabulous prizes from Island businesses. And, if you don’t come to the theatre in zombie attire, face painters will be on hand in the theatre lobby to put your zombie face on.

So, practice your lurching walk, put on your ugliest face and join the fun Halloween Night, 6pm at the Vashon Theatre.

Tickets are $10 general admission and $5 for students and seniors at VashonTheatre.com and at the Vashon Theatre box office.