About the Board

Craig Beles, Board Member

Craig Beles has been a Vashon resident for 30 years during which time he has served as chair of Vashon Allied Arts, Vashon-Maury Island Community Council, and the King County Vashon Governance Options Committee. He has also served on the executive boards of the Land Trust, the DoVE Project, and Northwest Folklife among others. Craig is also a member of the Vashon Community Emergency Response Team – CERT.

After a career as an Assistant Attorney General in the Consumer Protection and Antitrust Divisions and as a Gonzaga law professor teaching Constitutional Law and Torts, Craig turned his law practice to international arbitration and mediation. He currently serves as an ADR neutral on the rosters of several domestic and international institutions, including the ICC, ICDR, WIPO and FINRA. He is immediate past-chair of the Washington State Board of Bar Examiners and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section. Craig also serves as a State Bar Disciplinary Hearing & Settlement Officer.

In 2010, Craig was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and taught International Dispute Resolution in Prague and Brno, CZ. In 2013, the U.S. State Department named him to a 6-year term as a Fulbright Specialist in International Peace & Conflict Resolution. During the summer of 2015, Craig assisted the Republic of Mauritius in “fostering a culture of alternative dispute resolution.”

Craig received a BA in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz in 1971, a JD from Gonzaga School of Law Magna Cum Laude in 1975, and a Master of Law in International Practice from the University of California at Berkeley (Boalt Hall) with High Honors in 1987.


Jeffrey Cole, Treasurer

Jeff grew up in the Puget Sound after moving to Tacoma from Fairbanks, Alaska, due to a change of duty station for his
father.  After attending schools in Tacoma, Graham, and Belfair, his family put down roots in Kitsap County.  After graduating from South Kitsap High School (1986), Jeff attended a college in Tacoma on an athletic scholarship then finished his degree and college baseball career at a school in Los Angeles, California.

In the early 1990’s, Jeff served on the accounting and auditing staff of Capin, Crouse, LLC (Los Angeles), a national public accounting firm specializing in providing public accounting and tax services to not for profit organizations and small businesses nationwide.

Now back in the Pacific Northwest, he is the owner of Jeffrey D. Cole, Certified Public Accountant, a public accounting practice committed to serving the full bookkeeping, tax, assurance, payroll, and planning needs of business and not for profit organizations on Vashon and the greater Puget Sound area, as well as businesses nationwide.

As an ordained minister, he actively serves in the Washington State Army National Guard as a Battalion Chaplain (CPT) currently assigned to the 1-168th General Support Aviation Battalion, 66th TAC (Joint Base Lewis McCord).

Jeff has been married to Gena for 24 years with three children, Preston (20), Madison (18), Alison (16). Hobbies include coaching local youth sports, competing in half ironman triathlons, and trying to win a ping pong match against his wife.


Michael Golen-Johnson, Board Member

Michael Golen-Johnson used to dee-jay nightclubs in the late ’80s and early ’90s and still dee-jays an occasional wedding or party. An audio engineer, he got involved with VoV in 2000 during a stint of unemployment after the dotcom crash. He never looked back. Indeed, he’s been on the board since 2002.

Michael and his wife Elizabeth Golen-Johnson, a teacher, discovered Vashon in 1998, after helping a friend who was in search of his birth parents move to the region. Raised in an Illinois farm town, Michael was drawn to Vashon’s rural lifestyle as well as its proximity to Seattle. (He and Elizabeth lived in Chicago before moving here.) He worked for Washington Mutual for five years, leaving that job, he notes, just before Washington Mutual unraveled. He now works for BECU, creating e-learning classes on a range of issues.

His talents as an audio engineer, editor and all-around IT expert have been put to full use at VoV, where he produces Bill Wood’s The Jazz Guy, helps to get the live high school sports broadcasts on air and is the lead techie for VoV’s web-based radio station. He likes being a part of the VoV gang – “I know I can be of assistance,” he said. He also really loves working with Bill Wood.


Anna Martinsen, Board Member

When my mother retired from teaching, she packed up the old green ‘57 Chevy, boarded a ferry, and headed for Denver, CO. to get her FCC license. Alaska was starting to boom with the oil pipeline under construction. The state was flush with new jobs and money. Opportunity was knocking on many doors. This was the dawn of local radio in Alaska and my mother was going to be ready when a radio station was established in Petersburg, Alaska. Prior to this time, radio access was limited. Static filled armed forces radio and the occasional talk program which could be picked up at night from San Francisco, if weather conditions were right, and if you were parked at the garbage dump was all that local people and neighboring towns and villages had available to listen to. Ham radio operators were able to relay messages to local people. If there were emergencies they would contact doctors at local clinics. With better technology, state financing, and through the vision and determination by local volunteers, KFSK was born in Petersburg as were many other tiny stations in towns throughout the state. This is how I came to love and appreciate local radio.

I worked in the school district in Dublin, Ca. I was a department manager for Nordstrom in Pleasanton and Walnut Creek Ca. for many years. I was an active volunteer in our children’s schools and classrooms. My husband and I were very involved in youth soccer and I played soccer for several years on women’s teams. I designed and made costumes for local theatre. We moved to Vashon when we retired. Our daughter and her three children live here.

Vashon is a vibrant community with many things to do. I have served six years on the VAA Board, I am a member of the Vashon Island Chorale, I am a supporter of the opera and have designed, and made costumes for several Vashon Opera productions. I am also an active member of the Vashon Maury Island Garden Club.

VoV is a vital link to all things happening on Vashon Island. I am excited to be on the board.



John Midgley, Co-Secretary

John Midgley, an attorney, has spent nearly his entire professional life working on behalf of prisoners’ rights, representing low-income people and using the law to effect social change. He works for Columbia Legal Services in Seattle, a nonprofit legal aid law firm that advocates for people who face injustice or poverty. John served as its executive director for many years and is now the advocacy director.

And, John, it turns out, also loves jazz. Even while he was practicing law, striving to achieve policy reform through innovative litigation and running a nonprofit, he had another dream – he wanted to host a jazz radio program. That dream came true in 2003, when he took a six-week “basic broadcasting” class offered by KBCS, a non-commercial radio station at Bellevue Community College. The class ended and, coincidentally, KBCS had a slot open for a drive-time jazz show. John signed up and hosted the weekly morning show for the next six years. He loved it, he said. “I could play anything I wanted.”

John’s interest in VoV stems from his rich experience at KBCS. There are scant opportunities anymore for amateurs to host radio shows; the industry is increasingly corporate and competitive. And, now that VoV has an FM license, John says, many islanders can enjoy the experience of community radio and, like him, host their own show. John, meanwhile, is once again hosting a jazz show. His program, Beyond Category, can be heard on VoV’s KVSH.

Lee Moriwaki, Board Member

Lee Moriwaki’s road to Voice of Vashon was circuitous at best. Lee didn’t plan on becoming a journalist but was one for close to 40 years. He began in broadcasting, worked in print, but dreamed of multimedia. He served on VoV’s board from 2009 to 2011, switched for three years to the Vashon Partners in Education board, and has now returned to VoV for a second term. That dream of operating in multimedia? More real than ever, thanks to VoV’s technological strides.

Lee originally contemplated the life of a classics professor, having graduated from the University of California, Davis, with majors in Greek and Latin. Then the ’60s and a political awareness fostered while growing up in Berkeley intruded. When it was more common to enter the business without a journalism degree, Lee got a reporting internship at KQED-TV in San Francisco, worked as a script writer and producer at KGO-TV, moved on to newspapering at The Sacramento Bee, received a fellowship to the Washington Journalism Center in D.C., but was drawn back West , first to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and then to The Seattle Times where he held a variety of reporting and editing posts for nearly 35 years. He retired as The Times’ associate editorial page editor, in charge of the daily guest opinion columns, in 2008.

How to explain such zig-zags? Curiosity’s at the core. As media change exponentially, VoV is front and center. Lee can’t wait to see how the future unfolds.

Richard D. Reed, President

A true native son, Richard Reed was born in Seattle and has lived in the Puget Sound area all of his life. He is an expert skier, competent sailor, sore-footed hiker, and lousy golfer. A world traveler who has been to scores of countries, he likes nature and to be outdoors in any kind of weather.

In June of 2006 he moved to Vashon from Lake Forest Park, because his wife Molly Reed had been hired as Executive Director of Vashon Allied Arts. Since then he has found many ways to be engaged with the community, including being an active volunteer at VAA and the Vashon Community Emergency Response Team (“CERT”), and also is a co-leader in the Plans Section of the Vashon Emergency Operations Center.

During his 34 years as a trial lawyer, he represented individuals in employment law matters. He served in various professional capacities including Chair of the Washington State Bar Association Civil Rights Committee and served on the Amicus Committee of the Washington Employment Lawyers Association. He recently retired.

Rik’s love of R&B and soul music is the basis for his program R-E-S-P-E-C-T, now broadcasting on KVSH 101.9 FM.

Sarah VanCleve, Board Member

Sara has always had a passion for housing. Moving to Seattle in 1987 she landed her first job at Sacred Heart Shelter for the Homeless. That was an eye-opening experience learning to understand the struggle to break the chains of poverty and the lack of available resources. From there she relocated to Pullman where she obtained bachelor’s degree of Science in Psychology 1991, with an emphasis in socioeconomics. Sarah returned to Seattle and spent the next 8 years advocating for people with disabilities and their right to fair housing. In 1998, Sarah went to work for the Seattle Housing Authority and has maintained a career in the industry as she is now the Director of Housing for the Bremerton Housing Authority.  In addition to her duties as Housing Director she’s also the chairperson for the Kitsap Continuum of Care Coalition coordinating the efforts to end homelessness in Kitsap County

Sarah moved to Vashon Island in 2005, bringing along with her two very young children. Those kids are now fantastic young adults. Growing up both kids were always involved in sports so as a result Sarah spent much of her time supporting the efforts of the club sports on the Island. Currently Sarah is the Treasurer for the Vashon Lacrosse Club and an active board member. At games you find her running the score table and recording player stats. .

Sarah has always been a big fan of public radio and supporting Community Arts as she was raised by two artists. Sarah approached the radio station a couple years ago to help with the coordination of volunteers and continues to support those activities. Sarah believes it’s a privilege to be a part of the radio station and is anxious to become an active board member.


Rick Wallace, Vice President

Rick Wallace, a board member since 2009, comes to Voice of Vashon with an extensive background in radio and television news. He landed his first paid radio job when he was 17 and went on to work in broadcast news for the next 20 years. He won numerous awards for both breaking news and investigative reporting, capping his journalism career as a news assignment desk editor at a Los Angeles TV- station.

Rick then took his skills in information-gathering, writing and analysis and went to work for a division of Publicis Groupe, a multinational advertising and public relations firm headquartered in Paris. His 18-year career at Publicis, where he eventually became a vice president, took him to Cameroon, Chad and Papua New Guinea, as well as many other places. He began that work in Los Angeles, where he lived with his wife Karen Baer, a pediatrician.

As the couple readied for retirement, they began considering the Northwest and made several trips to the region. Somewhere along the way they discovered Vashon and fell in love with the place. They moved to Vashon in 1999 and he retired in 2011. “We liked the idea of moving to a community where we could dive in,” Rick says. And dive in they did. With his background in breaking news, Rick took an interest in Vashon’s emergency preparedness group and now heads VashonBePrepared. He has served as Vice President of Vashon Allied Arts. He’s also involved in the Friends of Mukai. Karen, a singer, is in both the Vashon Opera and Vashon Chorale. And as for Voice of Vashon, well, how could a former radio and TV man resist?



Melodie Woods, Co-Secretary

Looking at Melodie Woods’ career, it’s hard to imagine anyone with a range of skills better suited for her work with Voice of Vashon. She’s a well known television producer for a Los Angeles and Vancouver based media production company and she founded the first website production company in Italy. Yes, she speaks fluent Italian.

Melodie says she has spent her life pursuing volunteer opportunities. Among other things, she founded a nonprofit in Los Angeles that created high school classroom technology teaching tools to empower girls with computer programming and website construction skills so they could improve their job prospects. She spent a couple years on a team that mentored girls in LA County juvenile hall to help them gain the strength to leave the gang culture. Here on Vashon she served on the Community Council, where she headed the Land Use Committee and the Vashon Town Plan Committee. She’s also a Ham radio operator and volunteers with the Island’s emergency response programs.

How did Melodie discover Vashon? She was commuting between Los Angeles and Vancouver and seeking a mid-point. Like many of us on the Island, she says, “One day I heard about Vashon Island, drove over to have a look and knew I was home.”