Austin In The Afternoon


Chris Austin has had a variety of careers, starting out as a dentist, then a software entrepreneur and most recently as an account manager for several federal agencies. While the jobs have come and gone, one thing has stayed the same — his enjoyment of making people laugh.

Whether it’s writing a humor column for a dental journal (tough gig!), standup comedy, funny books or articles for The Beachcomber, he loves to put a smile on your face and he hopes to do just that during the Voice of Vashon’s “Morning Scramble,” “Austin Hour,” and “Austin in the Afternoon.” If you would like to know more please visit,

Austin in the Afternoon is a live Wednesday afternoon drive-time show. I play pop hits and try to highlight strange news from around the world. Every now and then I have an interesting co-host. For instance I had a couple of sex dolls, one male and one female, but not on the same show that would be weird. Basically I try to put a grin on your face after a long hump day.

The Austin Hour Show Episodes