Membership Fact Sheet


Why support Voice of Vashon?

We live in an “Island Community of Choice”  . . . a place of belonging, not merely a place to live. Voice of Vashon honors that choice by being, above all, local . . . a reflection of Vashon and its lively collection of locally engaged groups.

VoV provides a home for us all, a virtual town square, where you can stand and be counted, be heard, and many diverse schools of thought can contend.


Virtual town square?  What do you mean?

A village town square provides a place for friends and neighbors to be informed, discuss the issues of the day and be entertained. We do that virtually through radio, TV and the Internet. VoV gives a voice to the people of our island. An active voice, a voice that embraces wildly different perspectives, provides a road to empowerment for everyone. We offer a truly democratic opportunity for visibility, for recognition, and personhood within our Island society.

Why do you need money? Aren’t you a low cost nonprofit volunteer group?

We run almost entirely on volunteer help, with an estimated 7,000 volunteer hours per year. We revel in our ability to accomplish big things with little resources and having the most dedicated “staff” any paycheck could buy us. Think “small and mighty.” That’s us.

We run two radio stations, an emergency alert system, a public access TV station, a streaming website and a smartphone app. We attempt to do all that on a budget of $76,000 per year. To put that in context, the three main public radio stations on the mainland spend at least ten times more money than that. One station has a budget nearly 150 times the VoV budget…and they’re only running one radio station and no TV station.

But even though we take the definition of nonprofit to a new level, our cash flow can suffer the consequences of our eclectic system. Equipment maintenance. Electric and Internet bills. Stipends for a few main volunteers. Music royalties. Constant improvements to make our technology more volunteer friendly. All these things add up.

Your commitment of automatic monthly or annual membership donations will make a HUGE difference in our ability to maintain our current community service and plan for the future.


How does membership work?

You choose your membership giving level. Then your membership gift is automatically charged to your credit or debit card each month or, if you prefer, each year. You can also save us the processing fees by setting up an autopay with your bank or just send us a check to the address below. We’ll send you a statement of your annual contribution at the beginning of the following calendar year.
Voice of Vashon
P.O. Box 2397
Vashon Island, WA


What are the membership levels?

We offer a big range to suit the wide span of household incomes on Vashon. Plus, we’ve designed some smart and relevant membership benefits for each level that speak to our driving purpose, bringing us all together as a community and recognizing you as a true Voice of Vashon, a member of a great community service organization.

$5/$10/$15 per month ($60/$120/$180 annually)
Grateful thanks for your support in our newsletters, website and more. Due to credit card processing fees, $5 is the minimum amount that can be charged per a month.

$25 per month ($300 annually)
All the above plus an enthusiastic invite to our oh-so-Vashon summer major donor thank you party (and a big shout out on radio and TV!)

$50 month ($600 annually)
All the above plus your sponsorship of an entire special day on KVSH, perfect for a birthday or anniversary or some other special occasion.

$100 month ($1200 annually)
All the above plus you’ll be our guest for coffee on your choice of the Morning Scramble shows on KVSH and we’ll record your message of support and show it on TV


How do I change my membership?

You can change your payment information or increase, decrease or cancel your sustaining gift to VoV by contacting us at any time.

• Use one of the request forms at
• Or Email us