REALTalk host Susan McCabe

Can we talk?  Yes, we can, and it’s sure to be real.  Susan McCabe hosts REALTalk on KVSH, 101.9 every Tuesday Noon to 12:30pm.  REALTalk is the half-hour show that seeks answers to questions large and small – some you may not even know you have.  Susan — with help from producers Bill West, Gayle Kellner and Kiya Bodding — will bring in experts to answer your questions about everything from the history of the Women’s Movement to what to do when you have a medical emergency at home to diets that work and why… and ANYTHING else that makes you wonder.

Send topic suggestions to REALTalk will find a REAL expert to cover the topic. Tune in and satisfy your curiosity for REAL.

Mary Fran Lyons, book maven for REALTalk’s Lyons on Literature feature.