Sunday Morning With Java

Roo Roo

Roo Roo

I like to think of my music listening habits as contextual- it depends on the time of day, what’s going on in my life, my mood etc. So Sunday Morning with Java is intended to fit into a rather narrow context—-what I envision as lounging around on a Sunday morning, maybe reading the paper — drinking you favorite Sunday morning beverage – Java or other.

 What I aim for is “pleasant”, sometimes dreamy, lots of acoustic, some old, some new, few artist repeats, singer-songwriter with either positive or hopeful lyrics. Rarely do I get them all in my music selections——and I occasionally break the rules….so there really aren’t any. Finding local artists or artists that aren’t well known is always a bonus. The search for music for Sunday Morning with Java has been interesting and fun. During that search I sometimes find an artist that I’d really like to highlight. To that end, I have started a set I call Focus on the Music – lacking a catchier phrase- where I will play several songs by the same artist with a little more talk about them. I’ll strive to find artists that few people have heard of. Should be fun.

 One of the things I like about the Voice of Vashon radio station is the community orientation. Our programs are a very eclectic mix of interests. I also like the openness to include the community. Sunday Morning with Java is interested in the community as well. If you have a song or know of a musician that you think would fit in well, please contact me with your suggestion. If you have other comments or questions please don’t hesitate to contact me as well.

 Thank you for listening!