Forest Halls Celtic Show 22

February 6th, 2017 by Jane Valencia

Today’s show honors Brigid, the Celtic goddess and the Irish Saint, with music
related to lore surrounding this powerful figure of light in Celtic traditions.
Brigid was a goddess of the hearth, the forge, and of poetic fire, a protector of
women in childbirth, guardian of the land, and more. In addition to music from the
Celtic lands, we’ll enjoy some ancient prayers and poetry to Brigid. We’ll also
wander along the shores, stepping outside Celtic-inspired music to touch into
neighboring soundscapes that continue Brigid’s threads in various ways.

12:02: La Lugh – Oiche fa Fheil Bride
12:05: Aine Minogue – Brigit’s Feast
12:07: Lisa Thiel – Song to Brighid
12:13: Shira Kammen – Lullaby Set
12:19: Laurie Riley and Bob McNally – The Jewel
12:21: Phil Cunningham – The House in Rose Valley
12:26: Moving Cloud Orchestra – The Hut on Staffin Island, The HaggisPaddy Ryan’s Dream
12:32: Pdraign N Uallachin – Gabhaim Molta Brde
12:34: Jane Valencia – Saint Brigit’s Hymn
12:41: Sian James – Lloer Dirion
12:46: La Lugh – Brighid’s Kiss
12:49: Tina Malia – Heal This Land
12:54: Spookytree (Deb Knodel & Jane Valencia) – Lochaber No More
12:55: Jeff Beck – Women of Ireland

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Forest Halls Celtic Show 22


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