July 2nd, 2019 - Posted in Alerts

Prevent Injury and Fire this Holiday Fireworks Safety for Humans and Pets. If you’re going to use personal fireworks July 4, remember to use fireworks legally. King County permits private fireworks on 4th of July only from 9:00am to midnight. Not the week before or after.

Have a garden hose and bucket of water ready, even for so-called safe and sane fireworks such as sparklers, smokeballs, fountains and pinwheels. Sparklers burn at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit!

* Prevent burns by never carrying fireworks in pockets. Never throw a firework at a person or animal.

* If a firework fizzles, never try to relight it. Wait at least five minutes before getting near a dud. Then put it in your bucket of water.

* Set off your fireworks in open safe areas — away from buildings, trees and dry fields.

* Secure pets in the house so they cannot run away when frightened by loud noises.

Secure horses and other livestock in corrals or barns.

* Aerial fireworks are illegal in Washington — anything that goes up, blows up, or has a stick or fins. Sky lanterns are especially dangerous.Save money (and maybe your house!). Watch the community fireworks at Quartermaster Harbor This message was posted at 8:45am on July 2nd and will be updated as needed.


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