Bruce Haulman lives on Vashon Island and is a retired history professor. He has taught the history of the War in Vietnam and is an expert on Vashon history. Christopher Gaynor is a Vietnam Combat Veteran and also lives on Vashon with his partner. Mr. Haulman discusses the history of many years of war in […]

This opening episode has been compiled by Linda Summersea. It is composed of musical selections that were popular to the Vietnam Veterans from the period of 1965 to 1975. Each musical selection is divided with narration. The wife of a soldier tells a poignant story of the time from when her husband first joined the […]

Closing – Online Education with Dr. Steve Nourse.

Vashon Highschool Junior Savannah Butcher

Chautaqua Elementary Instructor Margie Butchers

Vashon Schools Special Education with Katherine Coleman

Hispanic Student Advocate (Spanish for all) Lucia Armenta

Vashon School Technology Director John Stanton

IsAbled – Online Learning 9 – Danny Rock

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Vashon High Principal Danny Rock

Chautauqua Principal Rebecca Goertzel