Join Kate and Doug as they welcome Carla Pryne and Tom Craighead, members of the Care of the Spirit Team, to the show to learn more about services they offer the island community. 

Morning Scramble – Sept 24, 2020 – Joe Nguyen

September 24th, 2020 - Posted in

  Join Kate & Doug in the morning as they welcome Joe Nguyen, the 34th district’s state senator, to the Thursday Morning Scramble.  State Senator Nguyen will discuss the state of politics in Washington state and America, and will speak about some of the issues of the day.

What is “home?” Is it a place? Or a state of mind? Here, Jeff narrates an essay written by Island novelist Will North called “The Anatomy of Home.” It’s the result of a long quest Will embarked on to figure out what “home” means and break it down into its component parts. Turns out there are […]

Jeff Hoyt welcomes planetary scientist David Grinspoon to the Morning Scramble. He brought his experience with studying the origins of other planets in the solar system to his views about how the COVID-19 pandemic could lead to some hopeful technological innovations that could “accelerate the future” toward positive progress against climate change.

    Jeff Hoyt visits with Hollywood screenwriter and part-time Vashon Island resident Robin Swicord. She was one of the writers on last year’s highly-acclaimed Netflix series created by Ava DuVernay, “When They See Us.” The 4-part limited series told the tale of the Central Park Five, a quintet of black teenagers who were wrongly […]

  Will baseball have a season this year? Can players keep focused without fans in the stands? What happens if a team gets infected with coronavirus and games get cancelled? Sportswriter Art Thiel takes on all of Jeff’s questions about the sporting world in the aftermath of a pandemic.

We all knew it was coming but the decision to cancel Strawberry Festival this summer was still something of a gut punch, not only for all of the merchants and performers who count on the event, but for the community at large. Vashon Chamber of Commerce President Cheryl Lubbert talks to Jeff Hoyt about some […]

  When will production start up again with film and television down in Hollywood? With streaming all the rage, how will movie theaters survive? And how will things move forward in Tinseltown with masks and social distancing in play? Former Seattle and long-time Hollywood actor Scott MacDonald answers all of Jeff’s questions about how entertainment […]

Jeff’s college radio friend Phil Rogers has been a reporter for NBC/Chicago for the past 30 years. Over the last five weeks, he’s been delivering twice-hourly live updates from an empty television studio with a robotic camera. In fact, he’s been the only person working the desk while the rest of the newsroom staff does […]