Inner Space


Emily & Rachel

Rachel Waldron and Emily Herrick are an odd pair, a yoga instructor and an interior designer who have self-titled themselves “intronauts”.

Both experts in space, Emily focuses on space in our mind and body and Rachel manipulates space in homes. The two met through a post Emily had made on Facebook about the connection of our minds and our homes. Rachel reached out to Emily to see if there was any way she could assist and a partnership was born!

Before long, Rachel and Emily had held their first workshop together, on creating calm at home and had begun a Facebook “Simplify Your Life Challenge”. The pair work wonderfully together and represent something that people today crave, simplicity and calm in their lives and home.

Through “Inner Space” these two spunky ladies work to help homeowners create tranquility and beauty around them, in the way they approach space in mind, body, and home.