Transmission 50/50

On KVSH 101.9FM Wednesdays 11pm & Saturdays 10pm

A one hour show dedicated to 70’s-90’s old school punk, post punk, goth and glam from bands that embody the anti-establishment/DIY spirit and say NO! to the status quo. The 50/50 refers to the format of alternating songs between female and male fronted bands.

If you like these bands, you’ll enjoy this show:
The Dead Kennedys, Avengers, Birthday Party, Skeletal Family, The Misfits, New York Dolls, X, Black Flag, Germs, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Minor Threat, X-Ray Specs, Richard Hell, The Damned, Switchblade Symphony, Social Distortion, Death Cult, Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, Crass, Bauhaus or The Bags.

Host DJ ‘X’ hails from the east coast. The inspirations for Transmission 50/50 were the long nights spent at the Green Door parties at Coney Island High in the East Village and the college stations where she heard many of these bands for the first time. She’s lived in the Pacific Northwest for over a decade.

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