The Wave Show ~ Bill & Trent’s Top 40 College Radio Rock Songs

June 7th, 2021 by Trent Kelly & Bill Reid

Trent Kelly brought ‘The Wave Show’ to Vov in 2017 and is enjoying his 4 year anniversary in June. Trent developed his radio chops at college radio in the late 80’s at KUGS at Western Washington University followed by four years of commercial radio at KISM/KGMI in Bellingham. He met the love of his life and discovered he needed to make a living so Information Technology became his career. Besides music, Trent loves spending time with family and friends around a campfire on a Vashon beach and stare at the sky trying to track the International Space Station.

New to the island, Bill Reid lives on the north end of Vashon with his girlfriend and her dog. He enjoys motorcycling and gardening and will kick your ass at music trivia.

Bill worked on air 1991-2003 at 1077 The End in Seattle and Seattle’s 1600 KJET in the 80’s. He also worked on air at KITS-FM “Live 105” in San Francisco, and Laser 558 Pirate Radio on a ship in the North Sea/Europe.

Catch Bill and Trent as they co-host the Alt Vashon/The Wave Show LIVE Cross Over – Bill & Trent’s 40 Greatest College Rock Songs Count Down.